• Powershell 1.0 or later must be installed
  • Powershell execution policy must be set to unrestricted ({Powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted})
  • The scripts assume that the Sharepoint solution files (wsp's) are located in the "..\wsp"-directory. The folder structure in the release is
    scripts       <- location of script files
    wsp           <- location of wsp files


You must supply an parameter to the run.cmd-file. Supported parameters are:
  • Destroy
  • Build
  • Rebuild (performs both destroy and build)
  • Upgrade

Verify settings

If the settings.ps1 -file contains "{$VerifyCommands = $true}" then commands will not be executed, only printed. This is useful for debugging purposes. The output may be directed to a file and executed later.

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