# Function Parameter Description
1 Uninstall web solutions $UnInstallWebApplicationSolutions (default=true)  
2 Uninstall global solutions $UnInstallGlobalSolutions (default=true)  
3 Backup site collection DB   Not implemented yet
4 Delete team site and content db $DeleteTeamWebApp (default=true)  
5 Delete info site and content db $DeleteInfoWebApp (default=false)  


# Overview Parameter Description
1 Create Index directory $CreateIndexDirectory (default=false)  
2 Create Farm $CreateFarm (default=false)  
3 Provision Central Admin Application $ProvisionCentralAdmin (default=false)  
4 Install all Services $InstallServices (default=false)  
5 Securing File System and Registry Keys $SecureFSandReg (default=false)  
6 Update DB settings $UpdateDBSettings (default=false)  
7 Starting MOSS Search $StartMOSSSearch (default=false)  
8 Starting WSS Search $StartWSSSearch (default=false)  
9 Installing all Config Features $InstallAllConfigFeatures (default=false)  
10 Installing Global Solutions $InstallGlobalSolutions (default=true)  
11 Creating My Sites Web Application $CreateMySiteWebApp (default=true)  
12 Creating SSP Web Application $CreateSSPWebApp (default=false)  
13 Creating SSP Site $CreateSSPSite (default=false)  
14 Creating Team Web Application $CreateTeamWebApp (default=true)  
16 Creating info portal $CreateInfoWebApp (default=false)  
17 Installing Web application Solutions $InstallWebApplicationSolutions (default=true)  
18 Configure Email settings $ConfigureEmail (default=false)  
19 Create MySite Site $CreateMySite (default=false) Not implemented yet
20 Create root web for Team portal $CreateTeamSiteCollection (default=true)  
20a Create Team subsites $CreateTeamSubSites (default=true)  
20b Add managed path for meetings $AddMeetingsManagedPath (default=true)  
20c Create Meetings site collection $CreateMeetingsSiteCollections (default=true)  
20d Create COA stuff $CreateCOAStuff (default=true)  
21 Setting Recycle Bin Settings $SetRecycleBinSettings (default=false)  
22 Setting Maximum Upload File Size $SetMaxUploadFileSize (default=false)  
23 Enable Self Service Site Management $EnableSelfService (default=false)  
25 Add users to Farm Administrators group $AddFarmAdministrators (default=false)  
26 Create Projects members group $CreateProjectMembersGroup (default=false)  
27 Activate Meridio features $ActivateMeridio (default=false)  


# Overview Parameter Description
1 Upgrade web solutions $UpgradeWebApplicationSolutions (default=true)  
2 Upgrade global solutions $UpgradeGlobalSolutions (default=true)  
3 Update sitetitle with buildversion   Not implemented yet
4 Reset IIS    


Category Name Default Value Description
  $VerifyCommands false if true then commands will not be executed, only printed
  $SettingsFilepath .\settings.ps1 default location of local settings-file
MOSS Installation/Configuration      
  $CreateIndexDirectory false  
  $CreateFarm false  
   $ProvisionCentralAdmin false  
   $InstallServices false  
  $SecureFSandReg false  
  $UpdateDBSettings false  
  $StartMOSSSearch false  
  $StartWSSSearch false  
   $InstallAllConfigFeatures false  
WSP Solutions      
  $InstallGlobalSolutions true  
  $InstallWebApplicationSolutions true  
   $UnInstallGlobalSolutions true  
  $UnInstallWebApplicationSolutions true  
  $UpgradeGlobalSolutions true  
  $UpgradeWebApplicationSolutions true  
  $GlobalSolutions    Array with global solutions
  $WebApplicationsSolutions   Array with webapp solutions
Web applications      
  $CreateMySiteWebApp false  
  $CreateSSPWebApp false  
  $CreateTeamWebApp true   
  $CreateInfoWebApp false  
  $DeleteTeamWebApp true  
   $DeleteInfoWebApp false  
Restore content databases      
  $RestoreInfoDatabase false  
Create Sites and sitecollections      
  $CreateSSPSite false  
  $CreateMySite   false  
  $CreateTeamSiteCollection true  
  $CreateTeamSubSites true  
   $AddMeetingsManagedPath true  
   $CreateMeetingsSiteCollections true  
   $CreateCOAStuff true  
Other MOSS configuration settings      
  $ConfigureEmail false  
  $SetRecycleBinSettings false  
   $SetMaxUploadFileSize false  
   $EnableSelfService false  
  $SetMasterSiteDirectory false  
   $CopyOWSTIMERConfig false  
   $AddFarmAdministrators false  
 Special steps      
  $DeployGlobalResources false  
  $CreateProjectMembersGroup false  
  $ActivateMeridio false  
 Computer Settings      
Site settings      
Sitecollection arrays      


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