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Project Description
SharePoint PowerShell Deploy is a set of PowerShell files to help you build, deploy, upgrade and destroy a SharePoint farm. It can be used on development machines as well as test and production scenarios.

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SharePoint PowerShell Deploy
It is often very tideous to create and set up SharePoint on one machine, then reproduce the same steps on another machine in another environoment over and over again for development and testing. SharePoint PowerShell Deploy automates this process from start to end. From psconfig (the SharePoint installation wizard) to creation of subsites based on your own site definitions. All you need to do is to define your settings in the "deploy.ps1" file and start the project with the run.cmd file.

SharePoint PowerShell Deploy consists of the following files:
* Build_ farm.ps1 // functions for creating a farm from scratch
* Upgrade_farm.ps1 // functions for updating your project with your latest .wsp files
* Destroy_farm.ps1 // functions for deleting sites and removing .wsp files
* Deploy.ps1 // main file with logic for calling the other files based on args[] and all the switches/settings for your environment
* Run.cmd // use this file to kick-off your script with a parameter; ie. "run upgrade" from the command line
* Settings.ps1 // optional file. When included it overrides the settings in the Deploy.ps1 file


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